Process with Thoughts
{ Our systematic approach to design and development touches every aspect of every element for all clients. }

What it's all about

We are a web design and technology firm dedicated to bespoke craftsmanship coupled with forward thinking technology.
We work through a discovery process to build a beautiful online experience for clients, employees, and partners with upkeep and expansion always in sight.

Our Process

{ Based on Design + Built on Utility }
High value design wrapped in forward thinking, business class technology.
Website Discovery


Our work-flow begins with discovery. Basically every segment of your business is considered when researching for your interactive presence. From the front end that customers interact with visually to the operating components that employee's and your partners utilize to get things every day. Sometimes integrating makes sense and sometimes it doesn't, we're here to help figure things out.

Website Design


Design doesn't end simply because a product is beautiful. Without a story to engage potential customers, coupled with ease of use, your digital assets can end up being a gorgeous albatross. Each and every business has an image and it should be reflected both physically and digitally. That's why we're here.

Website Process


The actual development and building of your digital assets can come in multiple forms ranging from responsive websites, stand alone mobile sites, mobile applications and enterprise tooling to tie your office into the communication mix.

Website Testing


This phase of our development cycle is critical not only to ensuring your application is stable, fast and effective long before it goes live but to ensure it works for your customers no matter how they access it. Whether they use a desktop or mobile device on any system, we test and re-test to resolve usability issues along with anything we discover along the way.

Website Monitoring


Once all the discovery, design, development and testing is handled it's time to monitor your assets for any issues like downtime, attacks or any event that disrupts your assets. Round the clock monitoring down to the minute and support for internal and external systems is priority one, if your assets aren't working then neither can you.

Website Expansion


In the meantime, we keep brainstorming and watching out for any new applications and services that can help expand your business in any way. Whether it's related to your industry, the competition, or something that's just plain amazing. Long term relationships are built on ideas and communication, and we love to talk tech.

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